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Hello everyone, In that video I will show you how to make an auto clicker macro for 'Logitech' mice and mainly for The G400 Mouse! download the software here.. This is a macro for Black Ops 3, some other games might not play so well with them. So, I was requested to do this and here it is! Don't forget to leave a li..

Hey guys, today I'll teach you how to create a rapid fire macro for PUBG using any Logitech mouse. I suggest to use it minimally as using this can result in a ban if you are reported enough times ♞ how to create Rapid-Fire. This allows you to have single-mode guns in automatic. Version: 4.5(Outdated, for more updated information: www.kriptaep.com ) Logitech G Software: https://support. In this video I will explain how to get auto click on your mouse in great detail witch will be the next best tutorial on this subject click now link to Logit.. I used to do that wheel spin fire with the g500 i got a lot of hate messages for it. I never got any hate for the limited time i used a rapid fire macro with that mouse. The wheel spin can get you in trouble when it goes off by accident Very bad move in hardcore and if you have stab and weapon switch on the wheel its going to cause havoc

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VIDEO : logitech autofire macro for g400 or any other logitech device - the samethe samerapid fire/ burst firethe samethe samerapid fire/ burst firemacrocapability exists in at least but not limited to logitech g11, g110, g13, g15, g19, g VIDEO : mw3 razer mouse macro rapid fire mk14 mod setup tutorial -. r/G502MasterRace: All Logitech gamers welcome. I have both LMB (left mouse button) and RMB on rapid fire on my G502. First thing you need to know is that the regular left click must always be bound to 1 button

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  1. Rapid fire with logitech lua script? Ask Question Asked 8 months ago. Active 8 months ago. Viewed 3k times 1. 1. When writing lua scripts for my logitech g502, I've gotten rapid fire to work, but it will continue to execute mouse presses after the mouse one button is released as long as the ctrl key is held. I am wondering if there is any kind of iteration that would allow me to signal a.
  2. Logitech g502 rapid fire macros (Read 510 times) Nameuser. Member; Posts: 67; Gamertag: Lazan99; PSN ID: Lazan99; Logitech g502 rapid fire macros « on: 04:59 PM - 08/18/19 » I know theres multiple threads for this but never a clear answer from what i read is on board memory works with xim and rapid fire macros...except when i go to do it it doesnt work or im not making the macro right. Can.
  3. After browsing the macros here for a while, I saw most of the macros are just either No-Recoil, or Rapid Fire. So I made one with NO-RECOIL, RAPID FIRE, QUICK LEAN. All of the macros above are 100% UNDETECTABLE in both casual and ranked plays. (P.S. Unless you try to be Shaiiko and use it in Pro League, because of ESL's special anti-cheat) Because of the different recoil pattern for each gun.
  4. APEX No Recoil/Rapidfire/Movement Mouse Macros All Mouses 2+ Years Experience Intro: Selling no recoil/rapid fire/movement mouse macros for all different guns and legends in the game

G502 Rapid Fire macro issue. I'm currently geeking out over my new g502. I love this mouse. However, I've recently run into a spot of trouble regarding a rapid click macro I'm toying with for BF4. So far, I've had the best luck inputing it as Assign new command + multi key + keystrokes + insert mouse event + left button + left button down + insert delay -0.099 + left button up Repeat Options. Create macros for gaming mice and keyboards with Logitech Gaming Software There are no Downloads for this Product. There are no FAQs for this Product . There are no Spare Parts available for this Product. You can use Logitech Gaming Software (LGS) to create macros that automate a series of mouse button events and/or keystrokes with a single mouse button click or keypress of a G or function key. G502 Master Race 1 point · 4 years ago In the Logitech gaming application, you should be able to create macros. I'm away from my computer but it should be roughly something like this: create a new macro > multi key function > right click > add mouse function > left mouse button > then add a really short delay > repeat those two steps for as long as you want > then bind that macro to a mouse ke Logitech® Gaming Mouse G500. Contents English Configuration, 3 Mouse features, 4 Español Configuración, 8 Características del mouse, 9 Français Configuration, 13 Fonctions de la souris, 14 Italiano Configuração, 18 Recursos do mouse, 19. User's Guide English 3 Configuration Your Gaming Mouse G500 is combat-ready, right out of the box. For access to more advanced features—such as.

In this case no, the macro is at driver side (inside the logitech software), it's not at autoit script, it cannot be found by BE. On the other side, it makes the manually shots too exact timed, so you could be caught (but not because of the macro). In BF (especially BF3) this type of macro were widely used and they started to trace it (with the method above), but I doubt they'll do anything. Will I get VAC banned? I have a Razer Deathadder Chroma Mouse and I have been using it for about four days now, I set a button to a macro where I can rapid fire in CS:GO. Please answer thx Last edited by Dokroma; Dec 22, 2014 @ 10:31pm < > Showing 1-15 of 15 comments . Dokroma. Dec 22, 2014 @ 11:22pm Anyone please respond #1. ๊ ๊ ๊. Dec 22, 2014 @ 11:31pm No you will not be VAC banned. Your Macro should look like this 6. Select OK and go back to your Macro profile. NOTES. Each macro uses different miliseconds delays since Valve hates you and makes every aspect of the game a minimum delay for each action. FOR RAPID FIRE, USE 30. FOR JUMPS, USE 50

Logitech G400 Rapid Fire (Auto Clicker) Macro - YouTub

Logitech Gaming Software: Rapid-Fire Macro Tutorial - YouTub

Any Logitech G500s rapidfire scripts or anything involving bf4? Welcome to MPGH Any Logitech G500s rapidfire scripts or anything involving bf4? I got a logitech g500s gaming mouse, and was wondering if there was any scripts involving bf4 that can benefit in game? Please repsond, thanks Legit- 05-04-2014 #2. eli_jdm. View Profile View Forum Posts New Member Join Date Mar 2013 Gender. Arkadaşlar call of duty 2 oyuncusuyum m1 ve benzeri silahlar için rapid fire makrosuna ihtiyacım var nette çok araştırdım kendim yazamadım programı aracalığıyla, acaba bu mouse dan kullanıpta bu makroya sahip olan veya yardım edebilecek biri varsa sanırım, rapid fire ı da açıklamam gerekirse basılı tutulduğu sürece sol click işlevi görmesi lazım çok zor bir makro. Rapid-Fire ist für Waffen mit Einzelschuss, damit kann man selbst mit solchen Waffen sehr schnell schießen und sind da durch Präziser . Mit einer Maus kann man das selbst ohne Rapid Fire hin bekommen aber bei einen Controller nicht Rapid Fire macro Logitech a script that makes a rapid fire but on the left button of the mouse on logitech please 12-03-2017 #2. Kriptsz. View Profile Private Message View Forum Posts Newbie Join Date Jul 2016 Gender Posts 30 Reputation 10 Thanks 17 My Mood. Hi Friend, just search on youtube for Logitech Gaming Software Rapid Fire and you will find your answer. I can't post the link, not. [Tuto] Macro Rapid fire/Quick scope, Logitech G700, G500 et G9X. mar, mai 15, 2012 4:30 URL: Embed: Si vous êtes un joueur NoPad nous vous conseillons de mettre le nom de clan suivant sur les différents jeux auxquels vous jouez afin de vous reconnaître : [nPad]. Cliquez ici pour avoir la liste des joueurs de No-Pad.fr. Partager : Facebook; Twitter; Articles similaires. Faire un don. Les.

PUBG Rapid Fire Macro Tutorial - YouTub

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[Release] Logitech Macro Pack - MPGH - MultiPlayer Game

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  2. G502 Rapid Fire macro issue : G502MasterRac
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Any Logitech G500s rapidfire scripts or anything involving

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Any way to Rapid-fire Macro in logitech software for the

  1. Logitech Gaming Software: Rapid-Fire Macro Tutorial
  2. 【Tutorial】Rapid-Fire (Automatic) | Logitech
  3. How To Setup A Macro On A Logitech G502 (2019) (GHUB) (Fortnite)

Video: Logitech g500 rapid fire macro

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